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Residential Tree Services in Central California

residential tree service

When it comes to maintaining your property and landscaping, caring for the health and appearance of its trees is of the utmost importance. Sometimes, trees grow in unwieldy ways that make them unsightly; other times, they grow too closely to electrical wires and homes and cause safety concerns. Either way, if you are looking for residential tree services in Salinas, Monterey, Morgan Hill or surrounding communities in Central California, A B Tree Service has you covered.

Our Residential Tree Services

A B Tree Service is a local authority when it comes to quality residential tree care in central California. Our certified arborists understand the finer points of effectively trimming, pruning, removing and otherwise caring for trees of all kinds. Our tree care services include:

  • Tree removal, sometimes necessary due to disease or damage or for safety reasons
  • Tree trimming, to maintain a tree's health and appearance
  • Stump removal and grinding for stumps of any size
  • Tree chipping, tree pruning, bush chipping and more

The Most Common Residential Tree Problems

Trees may be pretty to look at and sit under, but they can also cause immense issues to your backyard. Here's a rundown of the most common tree problems at Central California homes:

  • A tree grows too fast, sprouting other small trees or spreading beyond the original boundaries
  • As a tree matures, many branches die or become so heavy they sag
  • Insects infest your trees, eating leaves, tree bark and roots
  • A tree disease sickens your tree, altering your tree's appearance
  • Your tree suffered damage from wind, ice, rain or even construction

Discover the A B Tree Service Difference

Our family-owned and -operated tree service company proudly serves residential customers around Monterey, Salinas and outlying coastal communities in Central California. We are fully bonded and insured, and we rely strictly on the best equipment and techniques. Our teams respect customers' properties and go to great lengths to deliver exceptional customer care. Whatever your residential tree care needs may be, you can count on us. Get started today with a free quote.